Water Station

Water Station Volunteers
Water Stations are set up along the race courses. All supplies are dropped off race morning by the Operations Crew. When the volunteers arrive at their station they will set up, serve the runners, and then break down the leftover supplies. A Captain will be designated for each water stop. The Captain will attend a short info meeting on Thursday, May 29th.  Water stop groups are encouraged to theme their stops and may choose to wear costumes, uniforms or shirts that identify the group or organization they belong to, or race volunteer shirts.

The Best RFTD Water Stop is a coveted title that is back up for grabs in 2014!  Every water stop that meets the following criteria is eligible.  Votes will be cast by anonymous judges and the Best Water Stop will receive a $300 donation to their organization and bragging rights for an entire year!!!

Judging Criteria:

Must have at least 10 adults

Captain must attend the 1 hr. Captain’s meeting on Thursday evening (May 29)

Arrive on time on race day

Set up, serve, and break down the station according to guidelines/water station manual

Additional elements (costumes, music, theme)