Course Marshal

Course Marshal Volunteers

We are delighted to have you on the team. Your commitment makes this event a success. Below, you will find answers to your most pressing questions as race day approaches.

• What are my responsibilities and what will I be doing?

Your number one responsibility as a Course Marshal is to ensure the runners have a safe run and ensure that no vehicular traffic (other than official vehicles) enters the course.  You will be placed at specific locations on the course that are key for the race.  Please keep a watchful eye on traffic and cheer on the runners as they go by.  In most circumstances there will be a Police Officer close by at traffic locations.

• Do I have to bring anything?

You will receive your free volunteer t-shirt when you check-in on race day, but please bring or wear another t-shirt to change into after your shift ends. Do not bring cameras or other valuables with you to your assignment. Run for the Dream is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We highly recommend sunscreen, a hat and encourage you to bring water.

• What should I wear and what happens if it rains?

Please dress casually and comfortably, and bring a light rain resistant outer jacket in case of rain.  Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to stand, walk and run during your shift as the situation requires.  We will make every effort to continue the race activities as planned during inclement weather.

• Where do I park?

Please park at the William & Mary Parking Garage located on Kingston. We will provide a parking pass.

• Do I check in with anyone?

Please check-in with the Course Captain at the Parking Deck.  We will have a briefing each morning before the race where you will receive further instruction concerning your responsibilities.

• What do I get for my efforts?

As a volunteer, you will receive quite a few benefits including: 1) A free Volunteer T-Shirt and commemorative challenge coin! 2) You get the satisfaction of helping others! 3) You’ll have a great time and meet new friends! 4) Free lunch each day for helping out.

• When am I done?

The two shift times for Course Marshals are  as follows:

Saturday, 6:30am – 10:00pm

Sunday, 6:30am – 11:00pm

**Lunch will be provided for all volunteers.

• Can I bring a friend?

While we certainly don’t discourage additional helpers, it is important for all of our volunteers to register online ( prior to the event.  If your friend(s) has not registered as a volunteer prior to the event, please do not bring him/her.

• Can I bring my kids?

On the course it is critical to have your full attention focused on the race and traffic.  Older children who are capable of standing for several hours and cheer are welcome and must be registered on the Volunteer sign up page. Many locations are located at traffic intersections.  Please leave the young ones at home for their own safety as well as the safety of our participants.  Please no strollers are allowed on the course.

• What do I do if there is a problem? 

If at any time during your assignment you have a problem, please notify the Course Marshal immediately on his cell which will be provided the day of the race.